Question Regarding Entry of Real Estate Agents and Their Clients

Could you please tell me the policy in SCSH regarding entry of real estate agents and their clients and the showing of property for sale?

When I moved here, I was brought in by an agent who showed her Real Estate License and Driver¡s License at the gate, and told the gate we were her clients and then she brought us in to look at a number of homes.  She also showed us the amenities and then we had lunch at the Santa Rosa Bistro.

Has this policy changed and if, so, what is the policy now?


Any real estate person may access the complex by showing their Real estate license card and a driver’s license. Same rules every day from 7 am to 9 pm. I have been asked questions about this so I will be writing a statement for the web this weekend to put up next week.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller

Category: Safety & Security

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