Finance Advisory Committee – February 2021

By Bill Wethe
Finance Advisory Committee Chair

As published in The View, February 2021:

Work Completed

During the month of January 2021, the FAC and FAC Subcommittee continued its work with the Board as well as with DRM and Troon management on behalf of the Association including:

  • Review and recommend Board approval of the unaudited December 2020 financial statements of the Association including the:
    • financial statements and supplementary schedules prepared by DRM/Associa, Troon, and the Controller.
    • combining and combined financial statements included in the Treasurer’s report of the Association prepared by the Controller.
    • summary financial information on financial position and results of operations included in the Controller’s report to the Board.
    • condensed financial information of the Association to be published in The View magazine.
  • Review of the year-to-date variance analysis prepared by the Controller on the:
    • 2020 Operating Fund revenues and expenses.
    • 2020 Replacement Fund expenses for the purchase and replacement of common area real property components and inter-fund transfers to the Operating Fund for the purchase and replacement of common area personal property and equipment components.
  • Preparation of the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) of the 2020 annual results as compared to the 2020 Budget and the 11+1 Forecast provided to the Board.
  • Review and written recommendations on proposed BAFs for the expenditure of funds from the Replacement Fund for the replacement or major repair of real and personal property common area components identified in the Reserve Study.
  • Review and recommend Board approval of the December 2020 bank statements, bank reconciliations, and investment account statements.
  • Review of firms providing non-judicial foreclosure services, preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP), review of responses to RFP, evaluation and reference check of service firms, and written recommendation to the Board (FAC BAF 2020 # 16).
  • Written recommendation to the Board of proposed revisions to Replacement Fund Investment Policy (FAC BAF 2020 # 15).
  • Regular meeting of FAC held on January 22, 2021, via audio and video conference call.
  • For the Board meeting on January 25, 2021:
    • Preparation of the FAC monthly written report to the Board.
    • Review of the Controller’s monthly written report to the Board.

Work in Process

Annual review and submission of proposed revisions to the Board for review and adoption including:

  • FAC Charter and Mission – FAC BAF 2021 # 1.
  • FAC Subcommittee Charter and Mission – FAC BAF 2021 #2.
  • Association Procurement Policy – FAC BAF 2021 #3.

Upcoming Work

2020 Audit.

FAC Members

FAC now has two openings. We would love to hear from you if you have a background including accounting and financial reporting and an interest in serving on the FAC or on the FAC Subcommittee. Please contact the author if you would like to discuss completing an Advisory Committee Interest Form.

Further Information

Additional FAC Members: Larry Anderson, Bob Giovannettone, Bob Jester, Jerry Cavoretto, Mike Whelan, and Bruce Marley. FAC Subcommittee Members on the Replacement Fund and Reserve Study: Chris Stevens, Don Salvatore, Bruce Marley, and Bill Wethe, Chair.

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