Finance Advisory Committee – November 2022

By Zerryl Becker
Finance Advisory Committee Vice-Chair

As published in The View, November 2022:

Question of the month: What is the Finance Advisory Committee Subcommittee, and who are the members?

Each proposed HOA expenditure over $5,000 is reviewed by the Subcommittee, which sends its recommendation and comments to the Finance Advisory Committee.

The Subcommittee works to preserve our community by ensuring a due diligence structured and detailed proposal evaluation and contract negotiation process for contractor bid evaluations and selections and by keeping our reserves at a reasonable level. Members review each request and visit the site of the proposed expenditure to review the need for replacement or repair.

There are three members of the Finance Committee on the Subcommittee and five additional HOA volunteers experienced in construction, engineering, equipment, and procurement.

Members of the Subcommittee include:

  • Zerryl Becker, Vice Chair and member of FAC, is a former Dean of Applied Science and Business at College of the Desert, responsible for programs including culinary, golf, turfgrass, air conditioning, construction management, and accounting.
  • Mike Whelan, FAC Vice Chair for Replacement Fund investments and the financial liaison from FAC to the Subcommittee, has 40+ years of experience in financial service, primarily sales, trust banking, and asset management.
  • Bob Jester, FAC Chair, was a practicing attorney for 44 years. His practice included construction surety bond work for numerous large projects where the contractor had defaulted, including the selection of new contractors for the completion of the project and supervision of the project completion, and extensive experience in drafting contracts, overseeing compliance, and litigating contract issues.
  • Chris Stevens has 40 years of experience working for the Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory in space flight technology development and line, project and program management for NASA earth science, astrophysics, solar physics, and planetary missions. Chris brings experience in technical risk management and cost estimation to the Subcommittee.
  • Rick Ambrose retired after 35 years running a multi-staff civil/structural engineering firm that focused primarily on structural design involving military projects and public works facilities like bridges, box culverts, and pumping stations. In addition to design responsibilities, Rick was responsible for overseeing the contracts for and construction of these facilities. He is currently a member of these Advisory Committees: Emergency Preparedness, CVWD North Channel, Facilities and Services, and Five-Acre Parcel.
  • Jim Bullock brings 34 years experience working for golf course maintenance equipment distributors in the fields of information systems, accounting, budgeting and forecasting, equipment leasing contracts, inventory management, vendor relations, new and used equipment sales, lease residuals, and trade-in equipment assessment.
  • Ted Shettler has an MBA and is the former Public Works Director for San Marino, CA. Working in consulting, he designed a number of stormwater projects around LA County, including project management and environmental issues.
  • Don Salvatore spent over 50 years in the construction industry specializing in commercial renovation projects, including Anaheim Stadium and Disneyland California Adventures. As the owner of his own company, Don negotiated many contracts between labor and management. He has been a member of the Subcommittee since 2013.

The committee is searching for one additional member with experience in construction, engineering, or procurement. It is a very rewarding way to learn more about your HOA and contribute to the community. Applications are available on the SCSHCA website at

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