Finance Advisory Committee – October 2021

By Larry Anderson and Larry Helseth
Finance Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

As published in The View, October 2021:

Instead of our normal report we’d like to use this month’s article to pay special tribute to our retiring Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) Chairman, Bill Wethe.


On behalf of the entire SCSH Community, the FAC wants to express our appreciation for your leadership and transformational efforts as FAC Chairman over the last five years. We are in a much sounder financial position because of your tireless and seemingly endless efforts as a leader, mentor, and caretaker of all our financial matters.

With your guidance, the FAC and the Board Treasurers have developed strong policies and procedures that will continue to enhance financial management, while providing confidence and stability for years to come. We all marvel at the number of hours you have devoted to the tasks at hand, your knowledge of our governing documents, how they need to be applied to new issues, and your extensive experience in the HOA management industry. You never lost sight of the big picture, yet no detail escaped your scrutiny.

You have provided Board members with invaluable analyses on a myriad of topics. Your expertise in construction, maintenance, and enhancements to hospitality venues has been a tremendous asset that is going to be difficult to replace.

Enjoy your “newly available time” to visit more often with your family members in Orange County and Arizona, play some golf, and participate in volunteer opportunities in the Coachella Valley and Orange County.

Thank you again for your service and dedication.

FAC Members: Larry Anderson and Larry Helseth Co-Chairs, Bob Jester, Jerry Cavoretto, Mike Whelan, Mike Nilsson, Todd Murphy, and FAC Subcommittee Members on the Replacement Fund and Reserve Study: Chris Stevens, and Don Salvatore.

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