“Firm and Fast” — That’s how we roll at the SHGC

“Firm and Fast” -- Bobby Heath, Western Golf Property CEO, says that’s the motto of his firm when it comes to the golf courses. At the GAC meeting in September, he said he’s never heard anyone complain that the ball rolled too far or too fast at the end of a drive.

To get to a healthy course, receptive soils and maintenance consistency are the key. By aerifying the courses, SH golfers can be assured of having a great playing experience from season through the summer fry. Holes 10, 12 & 15 need to be aerified more often than any of the other holes, in order to keep those fairways and green healthy.

“Pulling a cork” once a year, means old thatch and the clay soil that isn’t conducive to a healthy green or fairway is removed. This allows for better water penetration, increased microbacterial development and larger root mass. This all encourages better, stronger grass. 7 times a year, “Solid tining” is completed. This puts a hole 6 inch deep into the fairways in order to allow for greater water penetration and healthier turf.