Fitness Classes Etiquette Reminder

Please be on time. If you should arrive more than 5 minutes late, entry will not be allowed due to safety concerns (warm-up is completed in the first few minutes of class). Should you enter late, please take a spot in the back or to the side so as not to disturb a member who is already in place. Be considerate of their space.

• Please silence your cell phones. Keep conversations to a minimum. Cell phone use is not allowed in class.

• Please do not enter the Aerobic Studio or room before the current class finishes.

• Appropriate fitness attire must be worn.

• Gym bags are not permitted on the Aerobic Studio floor.

• Please refrain from talking/socializing during the class, it is a distraction to others and makes it difficult for class instructions to be heard.

• Water must be in an enclosed unbreakable container. Food is not permitted in class.

• Towels are encouraged, and wipes are supplied for you to wipe off the mats after use.

• All equipment (mats, steps, weights, etc.) should be returned to their proper storage area.

• Please remember personal hygiene, and please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.

• Remember why you came to class. You should show up focused on the reason you are there and work to achieve your personal fitness goals. Listen to your body and respect your own boundaries at all times. It’s never a competition, but feel your own personal challenge.

• Classes are a group activity. We request that you follow the instructor’s routine. If you must “do your own thing,” please choose a spot to the side or back of the studio or room.

Reprinted from the VIEW
Author -- Evangeline Gomez, Lifetstyle Director