Fitness Instructor Highlight: Leesann Shefa

Our community is fortunate to have 15 unique, talented, knowledgeable, and crafted instructors who share their passion with their class participants.

Leesann Shefa joined our team this past summer and has been a wonderful addition to our growing Yoga program. Her lightness of being truly carries out and transmits healing, positive vibes to all who come to her class. Join her every Saturday at 8:30 AM for the Yang/Yin Vinyasa Yoga at Santa Rosa Fitness Center.

Leesann Shefa has been studying, performing, and teaching movement since 1973. Her greatest passion is the mind-body connection and the healing that happens through yoga, meditation, and dance. Leesann has been teaching yoga full time since 2011. She is a former USA Yoga Champion for the State of California and nationally, representing her home state of California.