Fitness Instructor Highlight: Marlena Santiago

Our community is fortunate to have 15 unique, talented, knowledgeable, and crafted instructors that share their passion with their class participants.

This week we acknowledge Marlena Santiago, a true team player. She is innovative and passionate about all her classes, and the queen of Halloween Costumes!

Marlena started her fitness career as a group exercise instructor in 2007 and soon after became a personal trainer. She lost 90 pounds participating in group fitness classes, and this inspired her to become an instructor and help other people. Marlena has been part of the Sun City Shadow Hills team since 2014 and feels like this community is her second home.

She is a big believer in functional fitness and has been working with active adults since 2010. She has one daughter who is in the Marine Corps and she loves her cat named Skittles!