Fitness Update – February 25

Good health is more than just exercise and diet. It’s a mental attitude we have about ourselves. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. At times we might be thrown off balance by an unexpected chain of events. During this time it is important to set aside a few minutes a day to reflect, meditate and be in contact with nature.

Here are a few things you can do to restore balance:

  • Attend a gentle yoga or Tai-Chi class;
  • Take a walk out in nature and pay attention to your breathing (walking meditation);
  • Practice breathing techniques prior going to bed;
  • Take a warm shower before bed time to bring body temperature to normal;
  • Sip tea that doesn’t contain caffeine such as chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, and ginger. Herbal coffee tea (this tea contains maca powder, dandelion root, and chicory root; it’s caffeine-free and a deep and invigorating coffee alternative for morning time);
  • Rub a little essential oil such as lavender oil on your temple;
  • Turn all electronics completely off or fully cover the little lights in the room from the TV or cell phone that interfere with our REM sleep. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night and wake up joyful.

Practice these restorative methods on a consistent basis to regain balance and wake up feeling energized, revitalized and rested!

Fitness Instructor Highlight: Marlena Santiago

Our community is fortunate to have 15 unique, talented, knowledgeable, and crafted instructors that share their passion with their class participants. This week we acknowledge Marlena Santiago, a true team player. She is innovative and passionate about all her classes, and the queen of Halloween Costumes! ☞ Click Here to Read More About Marlena

Upcoming  Activities & Events:

  • Fitness Survey: Assisted Pull-up/Chin Dip MachineClick Here
  • Fitness Advisory Committee: Email your comments and suggestions! ☞
  • Wellness Hour Recorded InterviewClick Here to Watch
  • Health and Wellness Lecture:  Wednesday, March 6 at 4:00 PM. Nutrition & Aging: The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.” Join Registered Dietitian Nicole Napientek from Desert Care Network and learn the benefits of a well-balanced diet. ☞ Click Here for Details
  • Early Spring Special in Bloom: For the months of March and April, receive a 10% discount on Reformer Pilates packages. This offer is for first time participants. ☞ Click Here for Details.

Remember to check for any fitness class cancellations

Committed to your well-being,