Fitness Update – May 27

Bloom in Life with Love, Gratitude, and Curiosity to Expand

The world is full of opportunities to explore. Each day makes us wiser. At times however, we might feel stuck or deprived of motivation and may not feel inspired to explore. Setting clear goals and freeing mental space can help overcome these obstacles.

  • Know your "why." Your "why" power is something that always keeps you motivated and helps you move forward. For this, you need to ask your deeper self why you want to achieve your goals. "Why" creates that drive in you to take action and move on with life.
  • Find external sources of inspiration. You know yourself best, so ask yourself what are the things that inspire you. It can be anything from listening to a podcast, reading your favorite book, walking outdoors and feeling in contact with mother earth.
  • Look at people you admire. We all admire some people for their boldness, smartness, and overall success in life. Listen to those people and see how they achieve all their goals. After all, they are also human beings like us and if it's possible for them, it's possible for us too. The most important factor here is believing you can do it too.
  • Be grateful and give thanks for all the lessons finally learned and well-deserved blessings.

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • Beat the Heat Starts June 3: I am extending the sign-up day until Wednesday May 29, however shirt size in not guaranteed as the order went out last week in order to get the shirts back in time. Our sponsor Nutrishop will conduct the body fat test analysis on June 3 from 10 am to 2 pm at their location in Indio: 42250 Jackson St B106, Indio, CA 92203. No appointment is necessary. Their phone number (760) 625-0557. You will receive 15% off your first-time purchase.
  • Aqua Classes June 3 - June 7: Due to maintenance work, our Aqua classes will be held in the Montecito Outdoor Pool. ☞ Click here for details.
  • Weight Watchers: A big shout-out to the Weight Watchers in our community. They have lost 637 lbs. combined since last October! We have a new series coming up on June 21 and we need 17 people to keep the meeting on our premises. Please pass the information along to all your friends! ☞ Click here for details.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Remember to check for any fitness class cancellations.

Committed to your well-being,