Fitness Update – Week of January 7

2019 has commenced! If you are looking to reinvent yourself in the New Year, be it by getting fit, eating better, or drinking less, the key to success isn’t finding a way to handle temptation or desire, but by replacing it with an entirely new core belief.

The first step in changing a core belief is to identify the agreement. What you will find when you look at an issue is that the mental agreements usually come in bundles. When you do a thorough job of identifying the package of core beliefs you are more than halfway to changing them. To finish the job, add a little bit of awareness, practice and patience.

Here is one technique: Changing Core Beliefs by Shifting Point of View:

A new perspective allows you to have that epiphany of awareness that changes the way you see things. A belief paradigm acts like a dream; when you are in a dream it seems real. You might feel like your life is in danger but then you wake up from the dream. You begin looking at the dream from a perspective of sitting up in your bed in an awakened state. With that shift in point of view you drop your fear and the notion that you are in danger. With this shift in perspective the illusion of the dream no longer has power over your mind and emotions. This allows you to quickly change core beliefs.

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"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day." – Michael Josephson

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