Friendly Reminder: Growing Season

Friendly reminder, growing season for plant material is upon us. Please remember that plant material along common property walls may not the grow into common area or neighboring properties. Plant material may only extend twenty-four (24) inches above the top of the wall.

Design Rules, Section 5.2.2, Plant Material for Interior Lot – Side and Back Walls:

The height of shrubs for interior lots may not exceed more than twenty-four (24) inches above the top of the wall from as measured from the original finish.

Design Rules, Section 6.5 Front Yard Maintenance:

Front yard areas and other yard areas visible from the street, common areas and golf course must be mowed, trimmed, edged and weeded on a regular basis and kept clear of debris, weeds, clippings, etc.

Design Rules, Section 6.8 Trees:

Trees shall be trimmed to allow for a minimum of seven (7)feet clearance above public sidewalks and twelve (12) feet clearance above the street. Trees and/or plants of any kind shall not grow or encroach upon the property line of neighboring properties, without the neighbor’s written consent. All trees must be trimmed, pruned, thinned, laced, etc. at least one (1) time per a year unless the species of the tree requires a different tree trimming cycle. Branches and limbs must not touch the ground or be allowed to grow into other plants.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.