From the General Manager

Judie ZoerhofThere is an old adage that communication has not occurred 
until the desired result is achieved. I preach that adage a lot 
so I’m back talking about communication.

Last month, I wrote about the Communication and
Information Advisory Committees’ efforts to communicate 
with you. Since communication is a two-way street, there 
must be a way for you to get information to management 
and to the Board.

At the Board meeting there are reports from the Board,
the Committee Chairs, and staff.

The members and residents have the opportunity to write 
out questions that they wish discussed. Sometimes, there is 
not enough time to respond to the question raised.
Your opportunity to get information from you to the 
management and to the Board is through a new email


Items of news to all residents will be posted on the
website on Hot Topics. This email comes directly and 
specifically to me. The questions will be distributed to othe r
staff or committees for answers but the most important
aspect of the email address is to give a venue for you to
summit questions or comments. This is a tool for your use.

Judie Zoerhof