From Judie Zoerhof – General Manager (July 2014)

Judie ZoerhofHave you ever thought of serving on one of your HOA Board Advisory  Committees?

hesitate to tell you that it can be time consuming, or you
can get misquoted, or criticized; but we do have a lot of

The Design Review Committee reviews over 100
requests a month.

The Safety Committee reviews what is
happening in the community and what steps can be taken
to make the community safer for all of us. (There were at
least 78 instances of “Failure to Stop” in this community
in May alone!)

The Landscape Advisory  Committee works with
the landscape contractor to keep the aesthetics of the community
up to standards.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee
has a never-ending job to prepare us for something that
no one wants to think of, let alone plan for.

The Ad Hoc
Creating Shadows Committee
is judged if they make
changes and judged if they do not.

The Information
can’t get the word out quickly enough to suit

The Communications Advisory Committee keeps you
abreast of the best the community has to offer.

The Golf
Advisory Committee
manages one of our biggest

The ad hoc Facilities Committee is learning all there
is to know about all of our amenities and facilities.

the Finance Advisory Committee makes sure that we stay fiscally

The reason I feel committees are so important, and I try
to attend every one of their meetings, is that the people
on the committees are the grass roots of the community.
This is where the residents’ questions, your questions,
and your comments are addressed; where problems are
analyzed; where solutions are posed and debated, outcomes
anticipated, and eventually, where recommendations are
voted on and sent on to your Board for possible action.

The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to the community.
And they also have a responsibility to ensure that the
community is maintained and grows with the times.
Board members act as liaisons to committees, read the minutes of the meetings. They
consider the recommendations and then they vote on the
suggested solutions. The authority to make decisions is the Board’s and theirs
alone. They cannot delegate this authority to anyone.

Once the decisions are made and the approval of the
Board is granted, then management staff has the
responsibility to implement what the Board has approved.
Ultimately, it is you, the residents of this community,
who I and all my staff are trying to do our best to
accommodate. Sometimes we don’t get it quite right.
Sometimes what you asked for looks different by the time
it runs through the wringer of governing documents and
HOA regulations. And we know that we cannot please
all of the people all of the time.
But we hope you all know – from Ozzie in Maintenance
to Robert in Security to Evangeline in Lifestyle to Randall
in Food & Beverage to Mike at the front desk and Gus
in Communications – we are all here to implement Board
directives and make this community the best we can.

But there are times when we just don’t have the ability.
Let me give you an example: the flies that arrive in the
summer. We all hate them, they are a community problem.
I get letters, I get emails, and I get calls. The perception from some residents
is that we don’t do anything about this awful fly problem.
But flies don’t listen to committees, the Board, me, or
my staff. I wish they did. Last year our concerns went to
the Indio City Council. Why? Because the farmers in the
area are protected by Federal agricultural laws. We have
no authority. We cannot stop farmers from planting what
they want on their own land. It is the crops that attract
the flies. We would gladly do something directly if we
could. But the only option available to your HOA is to
make Vector Control aware of the extent of the problem.
Because of the steps that this community took last year
about the fly problem, Vector Control is already working
with farmers to mitigate the problem this year. The
farmer has one more harvest this year, and then he will
cultivate. Flies disappear with cultivation. Yes, we have
flies – the entire Valley has a fly problem — but because
of the concerns we and many others in the Valley
expressed to Vector Control last year, this year will
hopefully be better. But only Vector Control can help.
When we have jurisdiction, when we have the available
resources – we do the very best that we can. All of us –
your Board, your committees, and your management.
We are here for you

To learn more about your Indio City Council, click here