From the General Manager – April 2017

One of staff’s goals this year is to assist your Board of Directors in evaluating resident comments we receive throughout the year.

Like any community, our residents have different views and opinions. We receive comments from residents across the board. Some want more or fewer rules; others advocate additional or less amenities; and so forth. The goal of this article is to explain how we might address some of the common concerns that staff hears.

We have received many comments about adding more meeting rooms; enlarging the Santa Rosa fitness space; remodeling Shadows to make it bigger; providing dedicated table tennis rooms; building a baseball/softball field; establishing a dedicated library room; and providing more parking. The Board of Directors will consider these suggestions and many others at its Strategic Planning meeting in June/July.

Many residents have also commented about matters the Association has no authority or control over, including requests to build on the empty lot on the north end of Madison Street and on the vacant land behind SCSH on Jefferson Street and Varner Road. Residents have also cited traffic concerns and requested stop signs or traffic lights at various intersections.

To install lights or stop signs outside the community, the intersection must meet a variety of “warrants” or criteria before the City of Indio will consider acting. Although these types of installations are outside our authority, we work with the City to monitor these intersections and ensure that they are safe as well as meet the needs of our growing population and traffic.

When we receive a request to install a stop sign inside the community, we forward it to our Safety Advisory Committee, which is made up of retired law enforcement personnel with decades of experience in traffic safety. This Committee then makes a recommendation to the Board about the installation. Please note that we do not install traffic lights inside the community.

Many residents have asked that the Association work to get a grocery chain to move closer to or even inside SCSH. Although I agree it would be nice to have a closer grocery store, the Association alone cannot make this happen. We do not have any viable space to rent or lease to a potential grocery store inside the community. Commercial construction in our area is driven by both market demand and land availability. As our area builds up – especially along Jefferson Street, Varner Road, and the I-10 freeway – it is very likely that additional grocery and retail establishments will locate here; but timing is uncertain.

Another popular subject has been rules. Some may feel overburdened by regulation, but our community’s rules protect property values and motivate many people to live here. The Board approves and staff implements all policies, rules, and regulations; and residents serving on a committee and/or the Board have developed, reviewed, or amended a significant number of them. Staff will continue to enforce the community rules that our Board has approved and, because we may not catch every violation, we appreciate the input of residents whose “eyes in the field” help us to better serve one and all.

Please keep the comments coming – your feedback allows our staff to better understand and address your concerns.

Ceasar Larrach
General Manager