From the General Manager – February 2018

Shadow Hills Resident Privacy Options and HOA Communications

The intent of this article is to clarify how you can manage your personal information on file with the HOA. Included in this discussion is a description of the information on-file with the HOA, the Opt-Out form, the Announcement by Email Request form and how you can use these forms to allow or restrict the release of your information to other Shadow Hills Homeowners.

Sun City Shadow Hills HOA maintains a membership list which includes the names, property addresses, mailing addresses and, in some cases, email addresses of its residents. The HOA is required by law (the Davis Stirling Act) to provide this list (excluding only those residents who have specifically requested in writing to have their information kept private) to any resident that requests it.

If you are okay with allowing your information to be released to other homeowners, you do not need to take any action. To keep all your information private, you must complete the current Opt-Out form approved by the HOA Board on 12/18/2017. This form will be emailed to all members that have an email address on file with the HOA. It is also available at the HOA office and online at (go to Residents Only section, then Documents / Association Documents / Electronic Communication Consent - Membership List “Opt-Out” Form). The Opt-Out form removes your name and all the information named above from the public Membership List provided to anyone making a request.

The Opt-Out form does not exclude you from receiving any of the HOA communications including Association email blasts, general announcements and notices to members, event information and emergency announcements. If you want to receive these communications, you need to complete the Announcement by Email Request form (see the SCSH website Residents Only section under Documents / Association Documents / Electronic Communication Consent - Announcements by Email Request Form).

Since the Opt-Out form has been recently updated we encourage all who want to keep their Shadow Hills Membership List information private to complete the new form.

I hope this information is helpful. The HOA staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the Membership List Opt-Out form and the Announcement by Email Request form.

Have a great February and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Best Regards,

Rich Smetana
General Manager