From the General Manager – June 2017

The Picture of the Future…

Preserving amenity value is a top priority within the Sun City Shadow Hills Strategic Plan. Amenity planning is an important part of our Strategic Plan. This planning includes complete reviews of existing amenities, gathering information for proposed amenities, and outlining needs for facilities by incorporating current and future requirements. The planning also includes, if needed, extensive financial forecasting tied to each of the projects.

The Board of Directors is empowered by the governing documents to consider, adjust, and implement a “master” plan for the betterment of all members of the Association. In the last two years, the Board conducted several open meetings to discuss the strategic plan; they also asked for recommendations from members and discussed these at open meetings. This year the Board did the same; they have asked for input from members and will be conducting open meetings to add, amend, and/or implement amenities.

In 2015, the first time a Strategic Plan was established in SCSH, the Board of Directors reviewed and considered all member recommendations and established a starting point for amenity and facility enhancements. This plan has changed because of new member recommendations over the past year. This is why member input is critical – it is what drives the course of the Strategic Plan. Without this input, the Board of Directors are left to add, amend, and/or implement amenities which may or may not be needed.

The next step for the Board includes considering recommendations from members, committees, and staff to determine priorities and whether long-term financial planning is necessary for any new costs associated with facility and/or program enhancements.

Please visit our website at for the dates of future Strategic Planning meetings.

If you have suggestions to improve a program or an amenity, please email your idea(s) to for consideration.

Ceasar Larrach
General Manager