From the General Manager – November 2017

Balancing the Budget

I love this time of year. The weather has cooled, the plants look happier, residents are returning, and in general it is great to be in the desert now!

You live in a vibrant community filled with good-hearted people. There are beautiful common area buildings and landscaping plus very low dues based upon the level of amenities and services provided. The revamped South Course is a huge improvement over the past, and the North Course is in amazing condition. Additionally, a large majority of the residents who have compared the old Shadows service and food with the most current version are pleased with the progress that has been made.

Without exception, the vendors that service the community are good partners, and you are blessed with the most caring and talented onsite employees that I have encountered in my 30-plus years in the business. Additionally, the Board and committee members work incredibly hard and long to do their best for the community as a whole.

I know it may be an old-fashioned view, but I believe that a balance between competing needs and interests is important when it comes to making decisions in the context of our Homeowners Association. Almost every aspect of the community revolves around balance. For example, if the Board put every single thing that each resident would like to have in the budget, the monthly assessments would be likely to double from where they are.

The Association can hire vendors that charge significantly more than some of our larger contracts cost. But that also would lead to much higher monthly assessment. So, vendors are selected that provide a balance between good service and costs.

In another example, the fitness centers could be open 24 hours a day, but staffing to that level would significantly increase the assessments. A balance is needed between hours that serve the majority of owners vs. the costs of extending the hours.

Advocating for any particular item, or campaigning passionately, is always welcome. It helps us make decisions that are in balance for the needs of most of the community.

Thanks for listening!

Kerry Leavitt
General Manager