From the General Manager – October 2017

As the new General Manager, my head is still spinning as I get to know so many new faces, activities, and your beautiful facilities. To those I have met so far, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know those who will be returning over the coming months.

This month I would like to focus on the need for partnerships within the context of the community homeowner’s association. Put another way, Sun City Shadow Hills is virtually a city of 6,500 residents and, like any city, we have an elected governing body. Rather than a City Council, though, we have a Board of Directors.

Just like a city, we also have professional and non-paid volunteers. Our volunteers consist of the many committee members and other volunteers who are community residents. Board and committee members come and go over the years, and the community is enhanced through their volunteerism.

However, running a virtual city is a complex process with a wide range of professional skills needed to oversee the long-term administration and maintenance of the grounds and buildings. Some of the services are handled through contracts with independent vendors. Other services are best handled through on-site, full- or part-time employees of the management agent.

Without exception, though, community leaders and committee members, outside vendors, and on-site employees are all partners whose sole purpose should be to provide the type of living experience the community desires. As with any partnership, from time to time there need to be adjustments to ensure we are all on the same page. And part of our review is to remember that you, the residents, are also partners with the various entities listed above. As I educate myself on your community, I will better understand what adjustments might benefit us all.

Please know that it is my goal to do my utmost best every day and be humble, teachable, and honest. I also hope to be a voice of reason, based upon my 30-plus years of professional experience. Achieving these goals is how I will define whether I am a good partner.

Positive and optimistic partnerships create a wonderful world to live in, while negative and destructive partnerships create just the opposite. If we can all partner together for the good of the community, isn’t that a good thing?

Kerry Leavitt
General Manager