Frost Effects on the Golf Course

To all Residents:

It is that time of year again where the morning temperature have dipped down into the upper 20s. This has caused the golf course rough to turn a golden brown color in the rough that we are looking for in the esthetics of the course.

The bad side of colder temperatures has caused some brown spot to appear in the fairway and approaches. This happens when the Bermuda grass out grows the ryegrass after overseeding is performed.

To overcome this maintenance crew will be Appling fertilizers, green paint, and raising the height of cut in the overseeded areas. The fertilizer will attempt to kick start the ryegrass to grow at a faster pace and will causes the thin areas in the ryegrass to slowly disappear in the next few weeks. Painting accomplishes two things – one masking the thin areas and two increasing the soil temperatures so the ryegrass and Bermuda grass will start to actively grow in colder temperatures.

We look forward to have a great season.

Scott Werline (Director of Agronomy)