General Manager’s Report (August 2014)

Do you remember live band concerts in your city park? Ice cream socials, sing-alongs, Friday nights at the VFW? What about selling hot dogs and T-shirts at your children’s football games to raise money for new uniforms or band instruments? Did you go to the city fireworks display in your hometown on July 4th? These events brought members of your town or city together – they instilled a sense of community.

When we were young, neighbors left their doors unlocked, watched each other’s children, and had block parties. Today – it’s all too common that many people don’t even know their neighbor’s names. One of the reasons people move to a place like SCSH is to regain a sense of community. Residents join clubs, meet at the pool and at The Shadows Restaurant, play tennis, volunteer to help on committees – all in an attempt to be a part of something larger than themselves, a community.

When I arrived here last August, my primary focus was to enhance the sense of community here in SCSH. One of the ways I tried to do that was by increasing the flow of information both to and from homeowners and residents. At first, I simply made it a priority to answer all emails I received from residents. Then your Board formed the Information Committee and that committee started “Hot Topics,” a vehicle by which information would be disseminated to residents in a timely manner.

While investigating all methods of information delivery, we realized that a new website  would help the Board, the Communications Committee, the Information Committee, all committees, and me to disseminate accurate information to you in a timely manner. A new  website would give residents easy access to all that SCSH has to offer – from what time Zumba starts today, to what the Landscape Committee is doing, to what time the computer  club is meeting next Tuesday, to what new projects the Board has started on your behalf and why, to community financials, and everything in between. The new website would have it all.

Two residents of SCSH offered to build such a website for the residents, at no cost to  the community. They donated their time and expertise so that we could all have easier access to better information that would make us feel more like a community. This new website was  demonstrated to the Board at its July 28 meeting. At the launch of the new website, hopefully this month,  all residents will need to take a moment to register.

Gus Ramirez, Lifestyle Communications Coordinator, will continue to be the webmaster for this new website just as he was on the old site.

SCSH is a great community, a unique community in the Valley. I am hopeful that this new  website will serve to continue to bring the community together by allowing for clear, credible,  and timely information.

Judie Zoerhof, General Manager