Gina Star Pollack

I enjoyed a successful career as a Human Resources executive in Southern California and retired four years ago to live in SCSH. I write articles for The View and am a member of the The View Advisory Committee. I also write tips and eblasts for the SCSH website and am a member of the Information Advisory Committee (IAC). I have always been a voracious reader of mystery novels and was excited to publish my first mystery book, Star Spangled Villains. I just completed the first book in my new mystery series featuring an HR executive as an amateur sleuth who utilizes her HR intuitive skills to assist and annoy detectives with solving baffling crimes.

STAR SPANGLED VILLAINS is a novel of mystery and roller-coaster suspense. President-elect Paul Bulgrando boldly moves the inaugural events to Hearst Castle in California. But instead of triumph and adulation, he’s assailed with skeletons, arson, murder, blackmail, and a family secret so astounding it could topple his presidency. A scathing political allegory of vanity, deceit, and murder, Paul’s fate is out of his control. Will he remain president? Or will it be necessary to impeach him or invoke the 25th amendment throwing the nation into political turmoil.