Golf Course Maintenance Update

The aerification of tees and fairways on the South Course is almost complete. In July we will focus our attention on the greens. This will involve a closure of the South and North Courses, July 11 – 14 for the South, and July 18 – 21 for the North.

Another thing happening on the South Course during the closure will be palm tree trimming. I will need to turn off the water in many of the rough and perimeter areas the week before to dry up the ground so that the tree trimming vehicles do not leave ruts in the areas that they work. These areas will brown up. When the work is done, and the water is back on, you should see some recovery in about 10 days.

Here is what golf course maintenance has planned through the greens aerification.

July 2 – 8:

  • Aerify tees and fairways on the South. Holes 12, 14, and 16 on the 5th. Holes 2 and 4 on the 6th. We will fertilize these areas on July 7th.

July 9 – 15:

  • South Course closes July 11. Aerify all greens, including the practice greens at the driving range. All greens are closed until the 15th, but you can hit balls on the driving range.
  • Palm tree trimming on the South Course.

July 16 – 22:

  • North Course closes on July 18. Aerify all greens, including the practice green. The North Course opens on the 22nd.

Have a great Fourth of July,

Tom Johnson
Golf Course Superintendent
Shadow Hills Golf Club