Golf Course Weed Control

The golf course maintenance crew has dedicated six (6) crew members to treat the entire North Course desert landscape areas. Four of these crew members will be working on a one hole at the same time utilizing the four 25-gallon sprayers we have.  There will be two that start at the tee area and two that start behind the green meeting in middle.  Once one hole is completed they will move to the next in the same fashion.  In addition there will be two crew members utilizing the 300-gallon sprayer, one driving and one spraying the landscape.  The entire landscape will be blanketed due to the amount of growth and to prevent further weeds from developing.

You will notice that the crew is wearing jumpsuits, gloves, masks and goggles while applying the chemicals.  Although the garb of the crew creates the appearance that there is an extremely toxic chemical being applied, that is not the case.  California sets forth regulations that limit the strength of chemicals that can be applied.  The mixture that we are applying would cause some discomfort if consumed directly but will not have any adversarial effect on our Residents or pets.  There are also OHSA regulations that outline what protective measures should take place for those applying chemicals that we are following as well.