Golf News: “Evaluating Switching the Nines” by General Manager Ceasar Larrach

Switching the Nines

The Golf Advisory Committee (GAC) and Western Golf Management are evaluating reversing the nines on the south course.

This would put Shadow Hills in line with many courses that start with a relatively easy hole, and finish with their signature hole leading right into the clubhouse. All of the SCSH golf clubs have been polled, and have been overwhelmingly in favor of the switch. The only costs involved would be new hole markers.

Since many of the current ones are damaged and need replacement, this would be a good time to make the change. And, the cost is covered in the current reserve fund. Scorecard updating is a non-factor since they are reprinted several times each year. If the plan is adopted, it will take effect this summer. Comments may be directed to Dave Bakshy, chairman of GAC, at: