Governing Documents

With Pulte having left the community we can now, under the law, make revisions to our governing documents.  Toward this goal an Ad Hoc Governing Documents committee was established by the Board of Directors in 2015 and has gone through the governing documents over 8 times removing references to Pulte (the Declarant) and adding new laws that have passed since these were established in 2004.

Before these changes can be implemented our residents must vote on the changes and 51% of the homes (1760) must vote YES (not vote but vote yes) before the changes can take effect.  Until this happens the current governing documents remain in place.

Since this is such an important project for our community your Board of Directors does not want to rush the process, but we want to be cognizant of the 30% of our residents who live here part-time.  With this in mind the Board has decided to publicize the proposed changes made by the Ad Hoc Committee, the Board and reviewed by Epsten Grinnell and Howell (the Association’s law firm).  We will post the proposed documents on the website and for those that don’t have a computer you can get a hard copy by coming to the HOA office for a charge of $10 (which only helps pay a portion of the printing costs).

We will have several ways you can get the documents and send your comments to the board:

  1. We have established an email specifically for this project so that all emails to that account will be logged for the board to review,;
  2. You can make your comments known at the Townhall meeting on April 18th;
  3. We are posting the summary, red-lined versions and clean versions on the website for review;
  4. If requested, a hard copy can be given to you by coming by the HOA office and pay $10.

The Board, Chair of the Ad Hoc Governing Documents Committee and the attorney from Epsten Grinnell and Howell that reviewed the By-laws will hold two Townhall meetings on April 18.  They will be the same meeting but we want everyone who would like to attend to have an opportunity.  One will be at 1:00 pm and the second at 7:00 pm on the 18th of April.  At that meeting the changes will be highlighted and then residents will have an opportunity to comment on what they like so far, what they have concerns about, if there is anything else the board should look at before the final version is prepared.

Starting in September the board will take all of the additional comments (received by email) under consideration and prepare a final draft of the governing documents.  It will be what is referred to as red-lined, which means you will see what has been marked out to be deleted and what is new to the document.  Once this is prepared it will be mailed to each homeowner in the form of a thumbdrive to review and then an election will be conducted by HOA Election Company, the same company that handles our HOA Elections each year.

If approved by the residents the new changes would take effect approximately 1/1/18. If not approved the current governing documents continue to be in effect.

We hope this new timeframe helps everyone feel comfortable they will have time to review, discuss with their friends and give their comments to the board before a vote is taken.