Governing Documents Update

First, THANK YOU to each and every homeowner who sent in their comments on the Governing Documents during the last four months.  The Governing Documents Ad Hoc Committee is in receipt of these comments and they have made revisions based on homeowner comments.  These documents were then sent to our Attorney for final review and now the Board will be voting on Monday, October 30th on the final version to send to homeowner’s for their vote.  Remember, we need 51% voter approval of eligible homeowner’s in order for the document changes to our Governing Documents to take effect.

We’d like to thank Fera Mostow, Chair of the Governing Documents Ad Hoc Committee, and her entire committee for all of their hard work and painstaking reading of our Governing Documents.  Thank you to residents Gordon Smith, Jim Kintner, RD Corette, Lee Powell and Bob Israel, who all served on this committee at various stages over the past 2 ½ years.

Please join us at the Board Meeting on Monday, October 30th at 2 pm in the Montecito Clubhouse to hear what homeowners will be voting on.