Has Your Question Already Been Answered?

Did you have a question at the June Board meeting?

If so, chances are your question was asked by another resident some time back and the answer has been on the our community news website (www.scshca.com ) for some time.

Most likely is it available to you under "Recent Questions and Answers"

If you can't find an answer to your question on the Sun City Shadow Hills community news website -- just a reminder -- if you truly want an factual answer to any of your questions - the place to ask is "Ask A Question.'

Since August 2014, over 900 residents questions have been asked and answered either in an email, in Recent Questions and Answers or as an article. If you have a question, please just ask! The correct answers provided come for your HOA Board, Golf Club management team and General Management Team as well as our Advisory Committee Chairs!

Bad information and false rumors are destructive to our community!