HOA Board Election 2019 Results

To all who were not in attendance at the Annual Meeting today here are the results:

  • Kim Fuller was elected to the Board with 1490 votes.
  • Linda Aasen was elected to the Board with 1572 votes.

Measure 1 - respecting changing the quorum and voting requirements of our governing documents received a total of 1678 votes; with 1487 YES votes (88.6%), and 191 NO votes (11.4%). Despite the overwhelming majority of votes in favor, the Measure did not pass because our present Governing documents require a total of 1760 “YES” votes to amend the By-laws (which is 51% of the voting power of the HOA).

Measure 2 and Measure 3 did not involve amending our governing documents, so only a quorum of 517 votes with passage by a majority was required. Thus;

  • Measure 2 approving the Minutes of Last Year’s Annual Meeting passed with 1620 YES votes to 70 NO votes.
  • Measure 3 approving allowing the Board to use the most favorable Federal tax regulations (Revenue Ruling 70-604) which is submitted to the membership every year, also passed with 1593 yes votes to 78 no votes.

Directly after the tallies were announced, the Board adjourned to Executive Session as provided for in our Governing Documents to determine the officers for the next year April 2019-2020. The results of that meeting were announced to those in attendance:

  • Kim Fuller - President
  • Fera Mostow - Vice-President
  • Bruce Marley - Treasurer
  • Linda Aasen - Secretary
  • Robert Israel - Member at Large

To all of you who voted your preferences, thank you. We welcome Linda Aasen to the Board and congratulate Kim Fuller on his re-election.

A video of the Annual Meeting can be viewed by clicking here.