HOA Board Vice President – Barb Stocky

That is the question buzzing among our residents since the Board announced her appointment as HOA Directorto complete the term of Stu Stryker, who resigned immediately before the March election.Barbara is a full-time resident of SCSH, havingbought a home in Phase III with her husband, Jack, in
2014. She and Jack spent their previous ten years in Pasadena, where Barbara served on their HOA Board, on and off as President for much of that time.

When retirement loomed in their future, they visited some friends here at Shadow Hills, staying some time in their friends’ casita, and found the lifestyle, the value of the homes, and the welcoming atmosphere what they wanted. Since she loves to work the “spreadsheet” for all potential investments, Barbara says, “Of course I did a spreadsheet on the potential move to this beautiful place. I’m pragmatic.”

You may not have seen Barbara around much because most of her time here has been spent preparing for and recovering from knee replacement surgery. But as she healed she began to attend every Board meeting to learn what she could about the community.

Cooking is her special hobby as well as flower arranging. Most of all Barbara is a “political junkie,” watching the news and loving political discussions.

As the only girl in a family of four siblings, Barbara enjoyed her girlhood friends. Barbara still feels the best part of living here at SCSH for the past two years has been meeting and enjoying her new friends.

After high school she became a licensed cosmetologist, then moved to Virginia, where she took a job in banking, first as a teller and later in Estate Settlement in the bank’s Trust Department. Barbara and Jack met in Virginia but moved to New Orleans where they got married.

She began a career in real estate. All together Barbara has spent 13 years as a member of an HOA board. Jack’s move to California provided her with the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal, a business degree specializing in accounting, which Barbara earned at California State University in Northridge. In spite of the all-male culture of the 60s and 70s, Barbara found a successful 11-year career as an auditor with Freddie Mac.

All of this strong financial background, plus her real estate career and her service on HOA Boards, made her an excellent candidate for this appointment. Board President Joan Dzuro adds, “The Board chose Barbara Stocky due to her auditing experience…her knowledge of detailed HOA regulations…and her understanding of both the California Corporations Code and the Davis-Stirling Act.”

I asked Barbara, since she is now the fifth female on our first all-female board, “How do you feel about working with an all-female board?” “It’s a good thing,” she responded. “In my business experience, I found that the title wasn’t important to most females. Egos don’t seem to get in the way, so I’m looking forward to the experience.”

Keep your ears tuned, attend our Board meetings, greet her when you see her, and you will soon know the answer to the question, “Who is Barbara Stocky?”

Reprinted from the May VIEW -- See the View for complete article and Photos
By Agi Jordan