How to Pay Your HOA Fees with no Admin Charge.

The following letter was sent to ALL homeowners last month in our billing statements. We are posting again here.

With the new and improved accounting system our management firm has purchased and installed, you can have your payments automatically debited from your banking accounting at NO CHARGE.

Simply follow the instructions in the letter.

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If you choose to pay automatically using a debit or credit card using the outside vendor, Paylease, they will charge you an administrative fee as they indicated in their letter. This fee is their fee and the payment goes to them -- NOT PCM.

Why does our management firm use an outside third party vendor for debit or credit card payments? Because secure servers are very expensive to purchase and maintain.  The vast majority of HOAs/profesisonal management firms across the country use an outside vendor with a secure server for debit or credit card payments -- for your safety.