Virtual Holiday Home Tour

Barbara Thomas
The Thomas’s Love to Share their Christmas Spirit ❤️🎄🎅🏻

Camille & Eric Brownson
Our vintage Christmas collection from around the world.

Cookie Lynch
A few corners of our home!

Donald McLean
McLean house on 39625 Corte Chimborazo.

Donna & Richard Baird
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bairds!

Emilie Jester
Holiday décor at our home combines Mexico and Sweden in decorations. Christmas Eve's celebration begins with Swedish Ljorum (herring caviar) on toasts with sour cream and onions then follows with traditional Swedish menu of a variety of pickled herrings, gravid Lax, boiled potatoes, stuffed eggs, cucumber salad, Jansson's Temptation, ham, red cabbage, meatballs, Limpa bread with cheeses...along with important the aquavit shots and singing traditional songs before we open presents.

Harvey & Kathi Hopkins

Maria Giovannettone
Did not put my Christmas tree up, but I still wanted the feeling of Christmas, so I decorated a little.

MaryLou Phillips

Pam Castro-Lee

Patti & John Petersen
Merry Christmas!

Rosalyn MacDonald
COVID may keep the visitors away but we are still enjoying the Christmas Season in Sun City Shadow Hills!

Sally & Eduardo Polk-Garcia
Here's hoping MANY people have sent in photos of their beautiful decorations!
Sending our best to you and the entire staff – stay well!

Salvie McFarlane
A very limited Christmas this year.

Susie Talbot
Xmas in the living room with our Santa collection and nutcrackers collection

Thanks to everyone who participated!