Ask A Question? How does it work?

Last spring, your resident Information Advisory Committee advised your HOA Board that it would be helpful to the community if we were to have a centralized email that residents could use to email their questions and comments about our SCSH community. Whether the resident wanted to report a bobcat on the golf course, or ask if they needed to get permission from DRC to put in a new front door or ask who was responsible for common wall maintenance or ask where could they get information about what our dues are spent on -- the Information Committee was established, in part, to provide those answers to residents. Your Board does want to know what your questions are, what you are thinking about our community. Your Board does want to see to it that you get answers.

As a result, the Board authorized the creation of a new email called Beginning May 1, 2014, residents were able to ask questions and provide comments. In addition, when this new website was established, residents were provided with an "ask a question" button that automatically sends a question to this same email address. As of the date of this article, 190 residents questions and comments have been addressed

What happens when you send in your question? When your questions/comments come in, a resident member of the Information Committee receives them. That member then, depending on the nature of the question, will do one of 4 things: (a) ask the General Manager for a response (b) asks a Board member for a response (c) Ask a Chairman of the appropriate HOA Advisory Committee or (d) ask a resident member of the Information Advisory Committee to research the question and provide a written answer. All answers are vetted for accuracy by other committee members first. Then, the General Manager reviews the reply and gives approval for the question to be answered.

How is the question answered? If the question is specific to the resident, they are most likely to receive an email response from or the General Manager.  If the question/comment is more generic, then it will be addressed in one of 3 ways: 1. On the hot-topics scroll across the website 2. Posted in "Recent Questions and Answers." or 3. As a full fledged article on the website.

Each month, your resident Information Advisory Committee reviews all questions and comments posed by SCSH residents in the prior month and all their associated answers. In addition, your questions and their associated answers are also given, in report form, to all Board Members and our General Manager. This allows them to know what SCSH residents are interested in knowing about our community.