How Are Our HOA Advisory Committee Members Selected?

Our SCSH Bylaws provide for 2 permanent committees: the Nominating Committee and the Architectural Committee. In addition, the Board has approved 10 Advisory Committees. The Board has also formed one "ad hoc" or temporary committee: the Governing Documents Committee. A list of all committees can be found by clicking here.

The bulk of the committees are charged with advising our HOA Board in specific areas*.   For example, the Finance Committee advises our Board on Finances -- the budget, the reserve study, etc. Landscape advises the Board on landscaping policy and companies. The Food & Beverage committee advises our HOA Board on the workings of our F&B amenity.  Each of their functions are fairly self-explanatory. And the membership of the committee reflects the functions. For example, one would expect to see accountants or financial analysts on our Finance Committee. One would expect to find Food & Beverage residents on the F&B committee. Due to the concern for "transparency" in the community, the Information Committee has been charged with fielding and answering resident questions and finding more ways to deliver information to the community.

So the first pre-requisite for serving on a committee is having some sort of background related to the mission of the committee. But that is not the only prerequisite -- committees, like employees, have to work together -- so finding residents to work on committees that can work together is equally important.

There are a number of ways a resident can be asked to volunteer on a committee. A  Board member might meet a resident who has some good qualifications and recommend them to the Committee Chair to be considered. A committee chair might advertise on the website for a new member. A resident can fill out a "Committee Interest Form," turn it in to the HOA and it will be sent to the committee chair for consideration. Other committee members may meet residents they think would be well qualified and suggest that they be interviewed for a committee position.

The Chair of the committee will make a preliminary decision as to whether or not the applicant has the qualifications the committee is looking for.  If the Chair believes the resident does -- that applicant will be asked to attend a meeting and be interviewed by the extant committee membership. If the committee majority feels the applicant is qualified AND is a good fit for the committee, then that person will be considered for membership.

But that is not the end of the process. The application, along with the committee's recommendation is sent to the Board for consideration and a vote. If the Board approves the applicant -- then the resident will become a volunteer member of the committee.

To apply to volunteer for a committee, you can either click here on the Committee Interest Form or you can stop by the HOA office. In either case, you must submit your completed form to the HOA office.

* For practical reasons, certain committees, such as the Design Review Committee have been given limited decision making capability, based upon our Design Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws.

Updated 6.7.15