How did we select Western Golf Properties to manage our F&B operation?

HOA Board members, Joan Dzuro and Greg Middlebrook, were tasked several months ago with looking at our Food and Beverage operation and send out Request For Proposals (RFPs) to various food experts to see what we can do to improve the five (5) F&B venues we currently enjoy.

Joan and Greg had 14 requests sent. Half were sent to local restaurants (such as Legends and Icons, Sherman’s Deli, Papa Dan’s, Kaiser Grill to name a few***) and the other half were sent to national food experts that come in and operate restaurants throughout the United States.

The proposal gave the option for those making a proposal to either rent the venues equipment, buildings, etc. and then keep whatever profit they make or we would pay a management fee and have them manage the operation.

Out of the 14 RFPs we sent out, we received two back that responded to the opportunity. Both were looking to manage the operation, they did not want to lease and run it.

After looking at both proposals the entire board decided on Western Golf Properties which has shown many successes in all types of HOA, private and public clubs and golf communities with their Food and Beverage operations.
WGP has assured us they are going to focus on all residents, not just the golfing community.

We need to give them the next 3 months to get organized, staff trained, etc. but by the time the season starts in October 2015 we should see the fruit of their labors come to fruition.

The transition to Western Golf is going on right now and is official as of July 1, 2015.

We thank Ceasar and the staff at PCM for their efforts and for making this transition such a smooth one for everyone involved.

***There have been some questions regarding whether Marios was sent an RFP as part of this process. The answer is Yes.