How Your Ideas Get Heard

I have received several questions on how are ideas that board members and residents have for making our community even better handled?

Our community has 8 advisory committees (Finance, Landscape, Design Review, Communication, Information, Golf, Food & Beverage, Safety). These committees are made up of residents with experience in the areas that the committee is to handle to make sure that things in our community are moving as they should and helping evaluate ideas.

When a resident, or board member, has an idea for improving an area of our community they can either email the idea to, who will forward it to the appropriate advisory committee chair, or they can call or email the committee chair and either send them their idea or ask the chair to attend their next meeting and present their idea. Once the idea is presented the chair will have the committee evaluate the idea and if it has merit they will put together the information the board will need to evaluate, discuss and vote on the idea at a future board meeting.

The volunteers on our advisory committees are phenomenal. They work very hard, without any recognition or reward, to work toward the goal of making the community we all live in even better than it is today. I thank them very much for all the time they spend to help us.

Research and evaluation takes time and with the board having to deal with so many issues being able to count on these top notch volunteers to help with that evaluation is an invaluable asset to our community.

If you have experience in any of the areas that our advisory committees cover you and you would like to volunteer you can pick up a volunteer form at the HOA office or download the form from our website ( Turn it into our General Manager and he will make sure the appropriate chair receives your application. If there is an opening you will be contacted to come in and interview with the chair.

Joan Dzuro