How You Can Help Your Board Serve You Better – By Joan Dzuro

As we get ready to start a new season soon, I want to address how all of you can help your Board serve you better.

No one person has all the answers to any question or problem. Our community is blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge in all types of areas: landscaping, finance, communications, and beyond. Getting recommendations from our great residents on how to improve our community is very helpful.

When you see or hear of a concern, please tell either our General Manager, Ceasar Larrach (, a Board member or make a suggestion or ask a question through the email address If you have any ideas about how to address the concern, please let us know that as well. All ideas are evaluated by the appropriate advisory committee, and then recommended actions are presented to the Board.

Your Board works hard, for free, to keep our community financially sound and beautiful. We want everyone, including those of us who serve
on the Board, to enjoy our community for decades to come. Sometimes when things aren’t going as we would like, we can let our frustrations manifest themselves in calling people names, yelling, and harassing people. We are a community that is better than this.

Our General Manager and Board members want to hear all your concerns. Many a time we on the Board hear rumors of what people may be concerned about, yet neither our GM nor any Board member has received any communication on that issue.

The Board works hard to evaluate all information before making a decision. Will you always get the answer you want? Probably not. We have 6,500 residents; and pleasing them all, all the time, is just not possible. We do try to do the things we believe benefit the community as a whole, and hopefully the majority of you agree.

We are excited about our new season and welcoming everyone home from their summer vacations or their seasonal home. Once back, please help the Board serve you by attending or watching videos of Board meetings (they are available on the SCSHCA website), reading the news in the View magazine and daily on the community news website -- (including checking the Recent Questions and Answers area), signing up for our Monday morning email blasts (click here), and letting the Board know what you like and what you may have concerns about (click here). Together we can continue to make our great community even better.