If There’s a Sink Hole in the Road

If there's a sink hole in a road in our community, everyone pretty much understands that our HOA Board has a responsibility to address the issue and fix it. If the Board didn't, most of us understand that the community would be sued by the first resident to fall in. There are some residents who no doubt who would complain about the cost of repair, and still others who would want to hold a vote as to whether we should spend the money to repair the sinkhole not -- but the truth is, the Board has to address a known safety issue -- or the association is open to a lawsuit which means higher fees for all of us.

The same is true when some residents decide it's their right to speed 65MPH down our side streets. Or blow through STOP signs. While there certainly have been accidents here in our community where residents have been injured -- even if there had not been, the Board has the obligation to address these safety issues -- just as they have the obligation to fix the sinkhole even if no one ever fell in it.

Traffic safety has improved in our community since the Board addressed our safety traffic issue by raising the fines to a level that seems to act as a deterrent to both homeowners and vendors who might otherwise not care. (By the way, Vendors are responsible for paying their own fines when enrolled in the Vendor Access Program)

Please obey our safety rules. Please come to a complete stop at our stop signs. They are not "hesitation signs" they are STOP signs. Please drive in accordance with our speed limits.

The real question is -- do we want our community to be safe or do we want to be sorry?

Let's see if we can get the number of homeowner traffic violations next month down to 0!