Information Advisory Committee Mission Statement








This charter (“Charter”) governs accurate consistent flow of information from the Information Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) established by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association (the “Association”) to the Membership. As specified in Article X, Section 10.02 of the Bylaws, the Committee is established as an Advisory Committee which shall be advisory to the Board, and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Committee is authorized to make recommendations to the Board. The Board and/or Committee shall review and reassess this Charter, the Committee’s effectiveness, and review the charter periodically.



To convene on a regular basis to discuss the information needs of the community and to assist staff in the creation of news articles relevant to the SCSH community. These articles will be published on the SCSH website and in other forms of information delivery. The Information Committee will be responsible for advising the Board on new and better methods and technologies for information delivery as they become available on the market.


Interface With and Reporting to the Board of Directors:

The Committee has been established by, and serves at the direction of, the Board of Directors. Therefore, the Committee Chairman shall make regular monthly reports to the Board of Directors of their activities. These reports shall be in writing and shall be submitted to the association office no later than ten (10) days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting. The Chairman (or his/her representative) shall attend the Board meetings in order to answer questions related to the Committee’s activities. Any items requiring a vote of the Board of Directors should be included on the agenda as a new business item. In order to add an item to the agenda, the Committee Chairman should contact the association office no later than ten (10) days prior to the regularly scheduled Board meeting.

The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint a Board member to serve as the Board liaison to the Committee for the purpose of acting as an interface with the full Board of Directors. The Board liaison has no voting power and does not serve to constitute a quorum for committee meetings. The President of the Board serves as an ex-officio member of all committees and may attend any meeting he/she deems necessary.

The President has the authority to disband the Committee at any time for any reason. In addition the President has the authority to disqualify any member upon recommendation of the Committee Chair or a consensus of the Board of Directors for lack of experience or productive participation in the Committee.


Staff Interface:

The General Manager with approval by the President of the Board of Directors will appoint a member of the management staff to serve as a liaison to the Committee. This liaison is an excellent resource for information regarding the Association and the operations relative to the purpose of the Committee. The Committee should refer questions to and seek assistance from the staff liaison when appropriate. If the question requires further research, the staff liaison will instruct the Committee Chairman of the most efficient way to accomplish the need.

At no time should the Committee Chairman or members of the Committee direct staff to perform a task for the Committee or direct staff on how to perform their job. If the Committee requires staff assistance beyond that provided by the staff liaison, the request should be directed to the General Manager who will assign the appropriate staff member(s) to support the task/request of the Committee.

Appointment of Committee Chairman (Bylaws Article X Section 10.03):

The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint the Committee Chairman annually as described in Article X Section 10.03 of the Bylaws.

Committee Composition (Bylaws Article X Section 10.03(b)):

The Committee should be composed of homeowners with knowledge of communication that have expressed an interest in serving the community. The Committee shall have at least three (3) members and not more than seven (7) members. Membership on this Committee shall be from the membership of the Association and members shall be in good standing throughout the term of their service. No more than one member from the same family may serve on this Committee at the same time. Members serve for a two-year term and may be selected to serve up to two (2) additional successive terms as requested by the Chairman of the Committee. Members of the Committee serve without compensation for services rendered. .

Formation of Sub-Committees:

The Committee may form sub-committees to perform various tasks. One member of the sub-committee must be a member of the Committee. Sub-committee members may attend committee meetings but may not vote on agenda items to come before the committee.

Attendance at Meetings

Attendance is an important part of Committee membership. Members who miss three (3) consecutive meetings or miss four (4) meetings during the committee year may be removed at the option of the Committee Chairman or the President of the Board.

Members of the Committee may receive a waiver on attendance if they are a seasonal resident of Sun City Shadow Hills. Members requesting such a waiver must request it at the beginning of their year of service so that all members are aware of the seasonal nature of their service. At no time may more than two (2) members have such a waiver due to the effect on the ability of the Committee to establish a quorum and conduct business.

Appointment of Members:

The Committee Chairman may recommend the Committee members based on the members’ ability to carry out the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Mission, after consulting with communications experts. The Committee Chairman shall submit the names of the prospective members to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the first meeting of the Committee.


Duration of Committee:

The Information Advisory Committee will serve from October 14, 2013 through February 2016 and thereafter as determined by the President of the Board.

Code of Ethics and Committee Member Conduct

Members of the Committee will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct for Volunteer Board Members, Officers, and Committee Members and the Sun City Shadow Hills Unlawful Harassment Policy.

The Committee must accept the wisdom of discretion; not all information at the disposal of the Board is to be disseminated to the members. There is information that is protected by law from public release.


Meetings and Time Commitment:

Time Commitment: Time commitment may be considerable as members are expected to review reports, minutes and study issues related to residents of Shadows, Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association.

Regular Meetings:   This Committee meets regularly, maybe as often as weekly, as determined by the committee. Special meetings will be held periodically.

Quorum and Voting Requirements:        At all meetings of the Committee a majority of members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the vote of a majority of members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall constitute the decision of the Committee. If at any meeting of the Committee there shall be less than a quorum present, those present may adjourn the meeting from time to time. At any such adjourned meeting at which a quorum is present, any business that might have been transacted at the meeting originally called may be transacted without further notice. For the purposes of this committee to ensure that information is consistent, seasonal residents are allowed on the committee as long as a quorum can be maintained.

Authority to Spend Funds:

The Committee has no authority to expend funds of the association or to direct staff to expend funds without the explicit approval of the Board of Directors. The Committee may justify and request from the Board of Directors approval for expenditures directly related to the duties of the Committee. If the Committee requests an expenditure, the Committee Chairman should contact the association office to have the expenditure request included on the agenda no later than ten (10) days prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting.