It’s YOUR Website

Sun City Shadow Hills is a beautiful, vibrant community with a multitude of opportunities for our residents to make connections with one another. ONE of the ways we stay current on these opportunities is through our SCSH website, as well as The View, the Clubhouse T.V.’s, flyers at the clubhouses.

The Information Advisory Committee is currently working on redesigning our website and will be making strides to improve the overall resident experience by making the site more user friendly.

One idea is to remove from our main page any “resident only” information, such as our financials, our current SCSH news, etc. The only real change to the user will be to sign in to their resident only section to get their news.

But what other changes would homeowners like to see on the new site?

We are asking for YOUR feedback! Please feel free to contact us at and send in your feedback. Tell us what’s right with the website, as well as what’s wrong with the current site.

However, before you send in your ideas about an Open Forum, please know that the IAC has met and discussed this possibility and with input from the Board and our legal counsel, the decision has been made NOT to allow the Open Forum on our website. There are several ways our residents can communicate with one another online, therefore, we feel it is not in the best interest of our Association to allow this forum on our website.