Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course

A five-hour guide to the world of wine. All about wine, grapes, regions, and other wine themes. In an encyclopedic tour around the wine producing countries of the the world, Jancis Robinson captures the flavor of each region's wines and recommends the best names to look out for. Everything is covered from production and tasting to storing of wine .

All 10 episodes are available for free on YouTube and are linked below.

Episode 1: Aperitif

Episode 2: Chardonnay

Episode 3: Cabernet Sauvignon

Episode 4: Sauvignon Blanc

Episode 5: Syrah a.k.a. Shiraz

Episode 6: Riesling

Episode 7: Pinot Noir

Episode 8: Merlot

Episode 9: Grapes and Gas

Episode 10: Grape Invaders