HOA Information Eblast List Grows!

If you already signed up using the "opt-in/opt-out" form, you are now receiving SCSH Newletter email each Monday morning from our General Manager, Ceasar Larrach, letting you know what is happening in our community in the coming week. Every day more and more residents are opting in.

If you would like to join your fellow homeowners and also like to receive important information via emails from your HOA, please sign up using the Opt-in/Opt-Out form. You can view and download the instructions (page 1) and form (page 2) [gview file="http://www.scshca.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Opt-Out-6-2016-r10.docx"] Download the PDF form, fill it out, and submit it to your HOA office (either by dropping it off at the HOA office, or by scanning it in and emailing it to hot-topics@scshca.com) and Voila you too will be on the Sun City Shadow Hills HOA email list. If you would rather get a copy of this form at the HOA office,or at the front desk of either clubhouse, you may do that as well.

When you fill out the top half of the actual form, the Opt-In portion, you are giving your consent to the HOA to send you important information relevant to you as a resident of SCSH, via email. You are also informed that if you would also like to receive notices, documents, communications or disclosures by First Class mail, you can make this request by emailing our General Manager ceasar.larrach@associa.us.

By filling out the bottom portion of the form, the Opt-Out portion, you are telling the HOA to NOT give your adresses to anyone else. This form is in full compliance with California's Davis-Stirling Act and is used by HOAs all over California to ensure your privacy.

Two things are important to point out -- you can REVOKE this consent form at any time by AND/OR you can also request that required documents, notices ALSO be sent to you by First Class Mail by emailing Ceasar.Larrach@associa.us.

Join your friends and neighbors and receive important HOA information, including this Newsletter eblast every Monday! Your HOA cannot send you information via email unless you give your consent by filling out this form.

This is just one more way your HOA is working hard to keep you informed and save you money!

PS -- AGAIN, when you opt-out, the HOA will not share your email with anyone. You will not get SPAM or unwanted business emails you do not want. You will only receive emails relating to HOA matters AND you can revoke this consent at any time by notifying your HOA office in writing.

PSS -- We recently revised the form to make it easier to understand and fill out. This form mirrors what is used by the PGA-West homeowners association. If you submitted your authorization using the old form, that is perfectly fine. You need do nothing more.

Thank you to Joan Dzuro for her input on this form and Agi Kessler for her suggestion that boxes be added for email clarity.