Landscape Maintenance Update

land000Hort Tech Landscape Management assumed responsibility for landscape maintenance on July 1, 2014.


  • Their first priority was to clean-up the debris that accumulated in our common areas. You may have noticed the many burlap satchels that they filled and carted away during July.
  • They also found and repaired over 1,000 clogged water emitters; this is extremely dangerous for our plantings particularly at this time of the year. For example, the plants around our fountain at the main gate suffered from this problem. Because we use recycled water, the lines have more algae than usual, and this often causes clogging. Hort Tech has now added chlorine tablets to our water filters to lessen this problem.
  • The remainder of the palm trees will be trimmed beginning July 28, and during the first week of August foliage trimming/pruning will begin; each area will be trimmed at least once a week.
  • Hort Tech and our Maintenance Department prepared a detailed maintenance schedule that will be presented to our Board of Directors. They have assured us that all areas will be brought up to standard by October 1st.
  • Hort Tech has been given permission to have staff begin work at 6AM during the summer months to avoid work-related heat injuries.