Landscaping, an Ongoing Challenge

Sun City Shadow Hills is a beautiful community. A community that at one point we all chose to make our home. There are a lot of reasons we chose SCSH - and overall appearance was likely one of them.

At SCSH we have a dedicated Landscape Advisory Committee. The LAC is charged with the task of advising the Board of Directors on maintaining and enhancing the landscaping of the common areas in our community.

This is accomplished through regular inspections, evaluating homeowner concerns and suggestions and close communication with our landscape contractor (Hor Tech) and our community management company (Associa/DRM).

For just a moment - consider the challenge of the task at hand - and remember the LAC, like the Board and all the committees - are volunteers.

Do you think it’s possible for the LAC to make decisions that will please everyone in the community? Not likely. What is possible, and what is happening - is the LAC operates with the best interests of the community - as a whole - in mind.

2017 SCSH Landscaping Highlights:

Provided by Chris Stevens, LAC Chair

  1. SCSH common areas were over-planted by the developer - as they matured this resulted in overcrowding. In excess of 4000 shrubs and several hundred trees have been removed.
  2. Several thousand irrigation drippers have been capped.
  3. Some heat sensitive species of shrubs and trees are being eliminated from the SCSH plant palette. Inspections have resulted in recommendation of further removal and replacements and problem areas identified.
  4. Pruning of trees that overhang walkways.
  5. Replenishment of ground cover rock along Sun City Blvd:
    • Phase 1 completed.
    • Phase 2 scheduled in 2018
    • Phase 3 scheduled in 2019
    • In 2020, the remaining common areas that need rock will be replenished.
  6. Consultation with Exterminator regarding rodent control. Most holes in the common areas are from Kangaroo Rats. Kangaroo Rats are protected by the State of California; therefore, no official extermination is possible.
  7. Replacement of deteriorating pots in front of the Montecito Clubhouse.

This is a short list of LAC projects. If you would like to bring something to the attention of the LAC you can email the Committee at

By Kris Downey
IAC Member