Larry Morris

I have always had an active imagination and enjoyed telling stories, reading, and watching movies. In my working days, I spent a lot of time on the road, and while driving or traveling, I would think about a book I would like to write. But life always got in the way, and I never completed any books I started.

When I retired in 2017, I had the time to sit down and really put in the effort to complete the stories I wanted to put in writing. I have successfully accomplished that goal. I have four books published, am working on a couple more stories, and have plenty more still locked away in my head.

My books are thrillers with a touch of action and adventure with characters you can get very invested in.

The book I’m holding in the picture is my most current release, An Untold History, and is a thriller set in 1959 and in the present time. In 1959, Jack Simmons met the love of his life, but her past catches up with her, and the suspense and action ratchet up with the arrival of a malevolent individual determined to destroy their newfound love.