Maintaining Block Walls on Corner Lots

As you may have already noticed, many of the block walls are now in need of painting. Some have become chipped and stained through the years. Of particular notice are the corner lots. If you own a corner lot, the block wall facing the street is your responsibility to maintain. If you have questions, please consult your deed.

Section 7.06 of the CC&R’s reads in part:

(d) “…shall be maintained as follow:

(i) the owner of the adjacent Lot shall be responsible for maintenance of the interior surface of the perimeter wall in a clean and attractive appearance that is substantially the same as the wall’s original appearance....”

An easy way to determine who maintains the wall is whoever maintains the landscaping next to the wall is responsible for maintaining that side of the wall.

If your lot is a corner lot, the landscaping on both sides of the wall maybe your responsibility. The Design Review Committee has instructed Staff to send courtesy notices. Stay ahead of the plan, maintain the block wall(s) that you are responsible for described in your deed.