March Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans

Sun City Shadow Hills
March Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans
April 6, 2022

March was a busy month for landscape refurbishment activities at the Santa Rosa pool and parking lot, and the removal of overgrown citrus trees at the Montecito Clubhouse and Fitness Center. Planning for future refurbishment of landscaping at the Jefferson Street entrance is progressing, as well as installation of the new flagpole recently approved by the HOA Board.

Activities in the Santa Rosa Clubhouse parking lot, included the removal of trees that were interfering with the light poles and planting of the areas where overgrown Rosemary had been removed. Also, new Rosewood (Dalbergia Sissoo) were planted in the parking lot to match the other trees in the parking lot islands.

Santa Rosa Parking Lot – Rosewood Trees

At the Santa Rosa pool new landscaping has been installed including Mediterranean Fan Palms, Yellow Bells, Agave, Bird of Paradise and annual color flowers in the pots. Groundcover rock has been refreshed in the planter beds. The planter between the Cart Barn and the west pool fence will be re-landscaped using shrubs, Calliandra espaliered on the wall of the Cart Barn, boulders and groundcover rock.

Santa Rosa Pool – Landscape Refurbish
Santa Rosa Pool – Landscape Refurbish – Installation of Bird of Paradise Plants
Santa Rosa Pool – Landscape Refurbish – Addition of Annual Flowers for Pots

At the Montecito Clubhouse and Fitness Center, removal of aging citrus trees that were encroaching on Palms adjacent to the buildings has been completed. Groundcover rock refreshment is proceeding at both the Montecito and Santa Rosa areas.

In the North Channel, pond 2 was removed and backfilled. The area has been graded and sod has been installed. Five trees will be planted on the perimeter of the new sodded area. Three 36” box Acacia salicina and two Dalbergia Sissoo will be planted on the west and east respectively.

North Channel Pond 2 Removal – Turf Park Conversion

The landscape area for the Shadow’s Golf Starter area was renovated with new desert-scape plants and groundcover. A combination of Agaves, Golden Barrel Cactus and Russelias (Firecracker Plants) were planted throughout the landscape beds.

Shadow’s Golf Club – Starter Area
Shadow’s Golf Club – Snack Bar Area
Shadow’s Golf Club – Driving Range Area

Christopher Stevens
Chair, Landscape Advisory Committee