Meet A Board Member Report 9.10.14

HOA Board members, Greg Middlebrook and Joan Dzuro, met with residents on the Montecito Clubhouse patio from 10 to 11:30 on Wednesday, 9/10/14.  Outlined below is the information that was discussed.

Joan welcomed everyone to the meeting. Then Joan and Greg mentioned a few things the board had accomplished for the residents since March 2014:

  1. Greg and Joan had held several meet a board meetings with residents.
  2. There are two new contractors for our community: Landscape – HortTech and Golf – Western Golf Properties.
  3. Committee minutes and committee agendas are now available on the website 2 days before meetings. Residents can find them in the "Residents Only" area of the website after logging in. If you have question – concern you can email or ask your question via the "Ask A Question" button on this website.
  4. Within the past two years, the Board changed check signage from digital to manual. (Click here for more information)
  5. Judie Zoerhof, our General Manager retired, and the board interviewed and chose Ceaser Larrach as the new General Manager who started 9/9/14. (For more information on how we chose our new General Manager, click here)
  6. With the restaurant being 10 years old we approved an upgrade to the carpet, furniture and worked on trying to help the acoustics. Our new Chef will be starting 9/15/14 and the staff has been trained over the summer in service techniques and the POS system Jonas.
  7. We have a new company conducting our Reserve Study and board members are meeting with them and following the process.
  8. John Council and Stu Stryker were looking into the problems with our gravity pump that supplies some of the water for our golf course. With the help of resident Tom Hutson a new one has been installed at no cost to our community. Our golf course is the most efficient in the valley, drawing less than 5% of its water form the aquifer.
  9. The board will be looking at creating a capital fund to assist with the items that need to be added to our community that are not covered through reserves or general operating funds.

Resident Concerns:

  1. Spraying water on the course near homes is of concern when the wind is blowing. They were wondering if there is some way of modifying the spray or turning it off on the very windy days. (To see a posted answer to this question in "Recent Questions and Answers," click here.
  2. Some felt that speeding enforcement is excessive. One resident stated that within one mile of his home he was monitored twice. Greg pointed out that in July they had 167 speeding violations. Some of the residents mentioned that in other communities the fine is over $400 for speeding, maybe we should raise the fine amount to deter people from speeding (currently the first fine is $100).
  3. One resident wanted an explanation of the Jonas system (cost community $89,000). It was explained that it was a POS system that will help the management and board track number of patrons, average spent, inventory of food, etc. The golf course can use it as well and hopefully other departments as it is fully populated.
  4. One resident wanted to know what is Pulte going to do with the 5.2 acres in Phase III. It was explained that a dog park will be installed by Pulte and the rest will remain undeveloped.
  5. One resident liked the jazz that was played in the lobby of the clubhouse and would like to see something like that during high season.
  6. Concern was expressed at the amount of the subsidy of the golf course. Greg explained we are working on the new year budget with the new contractor and are working on trying to reduce the subsidy. We won’t know what that is until the budgeting process is concluded.