Meet A Board Member Report

The HOA Board wants to listen to our residents and understand what areas they like about our community and what areas may be of concern. Towards this end Joan Dzuro and Greg Middlebrook have held three Meet a Board Member sessions since they were elected to the board in March 2014. Below is a summary of some of the issues raised by residents and steps the board has started to take to address those issues.

  1. The Santa Rosa Pool seating and hours for children came up in a couple of the meetings. The concern appeared to be that the area around the pool is too small to accommodate the 50+ kids that tend to gather there in the afternoons.  The board reviewed this situation and approved additional chaise lounge chairs being purchased to go around the pool and had a 30 day comment period on changing the kid’s hours at the pool. The change was approved by the board at the July meeting and will go into effect the week of July 15. Kid’s hours were reduced by 1 hour at each pool (they will now have 3 hours at each pool each day) and we rotate the kids hours in the afternoon so during our high season the largest pool has the kids in the afternoon. The board is now also looking at the recommendation by the new Ad Hoc Facilities Committee to move the fencing around the Santa Rosa pool to encompass the restrooms and have some additional hardscape for lounge chairs. Costs have to be considered but this is still under consideration by the board.
  1. Committee Meetings: Residents asked that committee meeting agendas be posted before the committee meetings so residents understand what is going to be discussed. If residents have information they would like the committee to consider they can email the chair and the chair can share the emails at the meeting.  The board looked at this and felt this was a good way to keep the committee meetings productive while allowing residents to share their thoughts with the committees. Committees will be asked starting in September to post their agendas 2 days in advance on the website.
  1. Not overseeding: People were wondering why we were once again going to have brown grass on the course. They paid a premium to have a house on the course and the dead grass is not appealing.  The main reason for not overseeding so soon after the last year of not overseeding was the severe drought that the State of California is in. The side benefits of not overseeding is saving money by not having to pay for the water we save and the grass is given a chance to come in healthier than before. Some were concerned this is going to be done every year and as of today that has not been part of the conversation. The main reason for the decision this year is our drought.
  1. Volunteer Committee Form: The form does not have several of the new committees that have been created. This was mentioned to Judie Zoerhof and she has had the form updated with the new committees. If anyone wants to volunteer, when committees have openings, they can get a form in the HOA office or on the web.
  1. Board Minutes: Some residents commented they would like to see the board minutes posted as a draft so that they could see what was discussed when they are unable to attend the board meeting.  The board decided not to post drafts of minutes because we want to ensure that the information going out to the public is correct. The only way to ensure that is have the board review and approve the minutes for their accuracy. The minutes are being posted shortly after approved at the board meetings as are the committee board minutes that are approved at the board meeting. This will help keep all residents knowledgeable on what is being discussed at the meetings and recommended to the board. We encourage all residents to attend all board meetings they can to hear firsthand what is being decided on their behalf by the board.
  1. Vendor Access Program: Residents were wondering why housekeepers and landscapers still had to participate in this program. They felt for someone who only sees them each month is it expensive. The program was implemented to help the long lines at the gate when vendors were coming in to work in the community yet keep our community safe by knowing who is coming in. There was a misunderstanding that the program was to be voluntary. We checked with the committee and that was never the intent of the program. The cost of the program goes to paying for the software program and the staff member needed to track the transponders (of which we have over 900 now) and their payments, records, etc. this program also addresses the resident’s concerns that they are receiving tickets for rule violations instead of the vendor. By having the vendor on file the HOA can send the citations directly to the vendor, not the homeowner.  There was a problem that developed for those vendors who came in over 3 days in one month but was for a single project. The safety committee looked at this issue and have been making recommendations to the board. Those changes are being considered by the board.


The next Meet a Board Member will be on the patio at the Montecito Clubhouse on Wednesday, September 10 at 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. We hope to see you there.