Meet Your Neighbor: Jim and Stacia Armstrong

By George Stephens
Information Advisory Committe (IAC) Member

Are you aware that our genetic blueprint is just a series of four chemical bases? These four chemical bases make up our human DNA resulting in 3 billion combinations and represent more than 99% of the bases that are shared by all of us. BUT, we are all different in our own way.

Jim Armstrong

Stacia and Jim Armstrong share a lot in common with the rest of us here in Sun City, even though they had very different experiences and environments growing up. Jim is from North Carolina where racism was blatant. Stacia is from Kansas City and Denver, her experience with racism was more subtle, but still notable. By all accounts, even with all the issues around racism, they worked hard and achieved a happy and rich life together. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary this past June. They raised two wonderful children and have four beautiful grandchildren. Their daughter lives in Washington State and their son just relocated to Los Angeles from New York. They are always busy traveling to stay connected with family.

Stacia Armstrong

Stacia and Jim bought a home in phase 1 in in 2006 and commuted from their home in Tarzana for one year before retirement. Their real estate agent directed them to SCSH by talking up all the value and amenities that we all experience here. Five years ago, they moved into their dream home in phase 3. Since joining this community, Stacia (and Jim) have made many, many friends. Stacia has been involved with Community Singers for about 9 years, is a past president of the Democratic Club, plays Scrabble every Monday afternoon with like-minded Scrabble buds and putts with Lady Putters. She is also one of the newest members of the IAC (Information Advisory Committee) and has already left quite an impression on the committee. This past summer, she embarked on a new adventure – art classes. Her plan is to join the Creative Arts Club this fall and take lessons in watercolor and acrylic painting.

Stacia’s professional career includes working for Xerox Corporation and becoming an entrepreneur with an office products company. After selling the company, she began her life in cable television, working first at Time Warner in new business development, then 10 years at HBO in sales and marketing, all in Denver. Finally her last 10 professional years were with The Hallmark Channel in Studio City, CA until she retired.

Stacia is most proud of family, her 50-year marriage to Jim and the completion of her degree from the University of Colorado with a BS/BA in Organization Management. Yes, it took her five years to complete, but she was taking two small children to school on the bus every morning, placing them in daycare and returning each night to make dinner for everyone. Jim was on board 100% with full support.

Meeting Stacia, it’s easy to find her very pleasant and non-judgmental. It’s obvious that the racism she experienced did not keep her from thriving and achieving her goals. We are thrilled that Stacia has decided to share her talents with the Information Advisory Committee as our Marketing Advisor.

A-G-C-T or if you will: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. All combined to make each of us unique, but still so much alike. Meeting Stacia, you’ll find that you like the perfect combination that God has made.

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